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Most businesses qualify with a “Qualifying Event”. Your business may also qualify with a qualifying change in revenue. If you click any of the qualifying reasons below, you may be entitled to thousands of dollars in refunds owed to you.

What sector best describes your business?

How many full time employees did you have in 2019?

Have Covid-19 related restrictions disrupted 10% or more of your business operations at some point in 2020/2021? (Forced closure, social distancing, occupancy restrictions, etc.)

Did you have a significant decline in gross receipts for any quarter in 2020/2021 as compared to the same quarter in 2019?*

As of today, is your 2021 revenue still below what it was before the pandemic?

Do you own more than one Business/Location/EIN ? 

How many total EIN's are in your portfolio?

Are you the sole owner of the EIN(s) above?

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