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We have developed a solution to deliver amazing results, with minimal effort on your part. Fast, easy, secure & reliable!

4 Step process to get ERC Refund

Here's How It Works

See if you qualify for a refund

Take 5 minutes to complete the Qualification app & instantly receive your ERC Refund estimate!

Upload your documents, & submit your payment

Just a handful of forms are needed to begin!

SRB Capital will process your refund

Our talented Analysts will validate the information, apply our industry 1st algorithm, & prepare your documents... All in a few business days!

File with the IRS

Follow the easy self-filing instructions or merge with your preferred vendor! It's that easy!

One of a kind solution

Our Expertise

Accountants, CPA's, & payroll processors have many facets to their operation. Here at SRB Capital we have just a single focus, the Employee Retention Credit. 100% of our time is spent getting clients the absolute best Refund possible, with no distractions!

ERC Refund

When every dollar counts, why take a chance on leaving funds unclaimed? Trust SRB to maximize your Refund.

ERC Qualification Assessment

We have dissected every line of the IRS guidance & put together an easy-to-use app to help qualify your business.

Guide to get ERC Benefits

We are by your side every step on the ERC journey to answer questions, advise on best-practices & enjoy the win!

What is the ERC?

Compliment to PPP Funding

What is amazing about the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) is that it can be applied for REGARDLESS of your PPP participation. We do not shy away from the challenges of managing PPP funds in your ERC calculation, instead rise to the occasion!

Its not a Loan

The PPP Loan when used according to SBA rules, was forgiven. However we understand that businesses don't spend according to rules. Possibly the single most amazing feature of the ERC is that it is NOT A LOAN. It is a Refund. Spend it according to your needs! Invest in your staff, purchase capital equipment, expand hours of operation, the choice is yours.

Ask Us Anything

Missing out on hundreds of thousands of dollars is the absolute worst thing you could do. Almost every business qualifies, we will answer any questions you have.

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