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Restaurant and Hospitality

From restaurants, bars, & breweries to hotels, motels, & lodges – among the hardest hit.

Construction and Landscaping

Commercial construction, home remodeling, even landscaping - are eligible for the ERC!


The automotive dealer space has been hard hit from the beginning.

CPA Solution

Numerous CPA firms use SRB Capital as their ERC solution provider.

Do I Qualify?

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Proven track record of maximizing the ERC for our clients.


No two businesses are alike - SRB Capital applies a unique analysis.


From start to finish; results & deliverables that are better than the competition.

Claim your ERC refund of up to $33,000 per employee.

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Restaurant And Hospitality

IRS guidance for the Employee Retention Credit generously cites qualifying instances for restaurants, bars, & hotels.

Money talks! SRB Capital's track record on qualifying restaurants is 100%...

From the onset of the pandemic restaurants have been unable to connect with their customers. The cornerstone of restaurants & bars is their “experience”. It has been said time after time; good food & drink is nothing without great service. Whether you thrived or survived, the ERC is available to your business.

  • EVERY restaurant qualifies!
  • Specific consideration given to F&B
  • Can combine with PPP
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Restaurant &
Hospitality ERC Refund


Of Restuarants Qualify


The amount of your PPP


SRB will calculate your ERC

Contracting And Landscaping

Countless job-sites closed or suspended work due to government orders.

Revenue is just a piece of the ERC equation. Did you know that shutdown & shelter-in-place orders also qualify businesses for the Employee Retention Credit?

Owners that utilize W-2 employees qualify for the ERC. Did you keep paying your crew while no work was being completed? Let us assist you in qualifying & applying for the ERC. SRB Capital has specific experience in working with Construction & Landscaping businesses.

  • Closed work-sites qualify your business
  • Contracts suspended due to restrictions
  • Disruptions to your business
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Contracting &
Landscaping ERC


Qualifying Period


Employee Payroll Needed


Satisfied Clients


New & used dealerships have been challenged on multiple fronts.

"Essential or Non-Essential" Car Dealerships qualify with either disruptive Government orders or drop in revenue.

Auction closings & factory shortages have led to inventory disruptions which more than nominally affected your gross receipts. With PPP funds depleted, the ERC is now your only life-line.

  • Lack of inventory
  • 20% loss of revenue or more - Qualifies!
  • Most car dealerships Qualify
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ERC Refund


Per Employee Per Quarter for 2021


From PPP Program


Revenue loss Qualifies

CPA Solution

Affordable, Turn-Key Solution for any size firm.

ERC Returns are complicated, lengthy, & time consuming. Most CPA Firms do not have the manpower to handle this increased work load effectively.

SRB Capital uses a combination of trained payroll tax experts, accounting personnel, & a robust set of data analysis tools. Our software development engineers spent months writing code to satisfy SBA & IRS Qualification Guidelines that analyze each employee for each pay and properly distribute within program guidelines.

  • Algorithm payroll analysis
  • PPP Allocation Report
  • ERC Allocation Report
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With all SBA & IRS rules


Maximized Returns synced to payroll data


Completed Forms ready for filling!

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Missing out on hundreds of thousands of dollars is the absolute worst thing you could do. Almost every business qualifies, we will answer any questions you have.

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