Boris Nyambo

IT Support Specialist

About me

Boris Nyambo is an IT Support Specialist at SRB Capital and an experienced IT professional with years of experience in the IT industry. Throughout his career, Boris has worked in various roles such as IT Field Technician and IT Support Engineer, acquiring an impressive amount of knowledge in network setups, system administration, and resolving hardware and software problems.

Boris holds an associate degree in specialized technology and has earned several IT certifications. Currently, he is pursuing a bachelor's degree in cyber security and information assurance. With a strong foundation in IT, Boris has developed an excellent understanding of customer service, communication, and problem-solving techniques, enabling him to assist end-users with their technical challenges in an efficient manner.

Boris is known for his ability to work both independently and collaboratively. His superior analytical abilities have allowed him to deliver timely and effective resolutions to complex IT problems. Boris is passionate about staying up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the IT industry, and he continuously strives to enhance his skills to provide the best possible service to his clients.

Boris Nyambo

IT Support Specialist

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Boris Nyambo

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