Chelsi Pennington

Client Advocate Manager

About me

Chelsi Pennington is a professional with a diverse background in project management, business and product development, and event planning. Originally from Washington State, Chelsi recently moved to Ohio to join the SRB Capital family after assisting in building educational exhibits for a nonprofit museum.

Chelsi is also deeply passionate about her volunteer work. She has been volunteering with Search and Rescue teams across the USA since 2015 and also volunteers with local animal shelters, community service outreach, and youth development programs.

With over seven years of experience in project management, SOP development, and start-up support, Chelsi is driven to help businesses grow and succeed. She has worked in the cannabis industry since 2014 and has built relationships with the FDA, DEA, State, and Federal agencies. Her career has also included over ten years of experience in private and corporate event planning, corporate sales, customer service, hospitality, and community outreach programs. Chelsi owns an event firm that specializes in corporate event planning and hosting VIPs, celebrities, and government officials.

Overall, Chelsi Pennington is a dedicated professional who approaches everything she does with purpose and intent. She values hard work, volunteerism, and creating meaningful experiences for others.

Chelsi Pennington

Client Advocate Manager

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Chelsi Pennington

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