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Debbie is an accomplished underwriter at SRB Capital, known for her exceptional drive, assertiveness, problem-solving skills, and attention to detail. Her employers often describe her as a "unicorn" for her outstanding qualities and remarkable work ethic.

In her current role at SRB Capital, Debbie handles various responsibilities. She is in charge of conducting extensive research and staying up to date on tax codes and COVID-19 restrictions for industries across all 50 states and territories. Accuracy is her primary focus, and she ensures that all data is meticulously analyzed before any underwriting decisions are made. Debbie ensures that all clients are treated with extensive care, regardless of their size or revenue. Debbie creates opinion letters for clients to receive as a part of their Audit Armor Package. She collaborates well with her team members and often creates support materials to aid in the efficiency and ease of their workload. 

Prior to her current role at SRB Capital, Debbie worked as a Graduate Research Assistant while pursuing her Masters in Speech Language Pathology. She also worked at the Salvation Army as an after-school teacher for "at-risk" children. Her focus was on building up and seeing the "whole person" in the children she served. The environment she created was relaxed, fun, and full of engaging opportunities. Her kindness, zest for life, and depth to which she understood the complexities of the human experience inspired many around her.

It was the combined passion for law, research, and serving others, that drew Debbie to SRB Capital's Qualification's Team. Her goal in working at SRB Capital is to provide clients with accurate information on their eligibility and qualification status so that they can feel confident in filling their 941-Xs with the IRS. Debbie is proud to be a part of something that helps business owners recover some of the monetary loses they experienced during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Debbie Jenkins experience

  • Motherboard IT Department at Mount Vernon Nazarene University 
  • Bachelor's of Science from Mount Vernon Nazarene University
  • Graduate Research Assistant at Bowling Green State University

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