Jennifer Wessman

Payroll Technician

About me

Jennifer, a dedicated and results-driven professional, has gained over a decade of experience working in various roles in the manufacturing and finance industries.

Since August 2022, she has been working as Payroll Technician at SRB Capital, LLC.  In her role, she is responsible for formatting and reconciling payroll data for client’s filing for the ERC tax refund. Jennifer uses her keen attention to detail and excellent analytical skills to ensure accuracy and efficiency. She is proficient in payroll software and systems, including ADP and QuickBooks, and collaborates with other departments to ensure clients get processed in a timely manner.

Prior to her current role, Jennifer worked at Priority Plastics, a leading manufacturer of plastic containers and closures, where she held various positions in customer service, quality assurance, and sales. As an Inside Sales Associate, she supported the sales department in the selling process and maintained customer relationships. She sourced new sales opportunities through inbound lead follow-up and outbound cold calls and emails, understood customer needs and requirements, and routed qualified opportunities to the appropriate sales personnel for further development and closure. She also closed sales and achieved quarterly quotas, demonstrating her sales acumen and customer-centric approach to business.

Jennifer has honed her skills and knowledge through her experience at Priority Plastics and SRB Capital, demonstrating her ability to adapt to new roles and responsibilities while maintaining her commitment to excellence. She has gained valuable experience in customer service, quality assurance, payroll formatting, and finance, allowing her to contribute to the success of her team and the company.

Jennifer Wessman experience

  • Expert in ADP and QuickBooks software programs
  • Passionate about customer-centric approach to business

Jennifer Wessman

Payroll Technician

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Jennifer Wessman

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