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Senior Tax Advisor & Co-Founder

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For more than 30 years Mr. Hajjar persistently started, developed and grew numerous businesses. With strategic vision, hard work, and a fierce sense of competition, Hajjar took great pride in hiring the right people to skillfully deliver success for his clients for more than three decades. The 2008 and subsequent 2020 macro-economic shocks revealed that normal drivers of the post-modern economy can change dramatically overnight. Navigating legislative challenges and government programs became a significant part of his tax planning and he subsequently developed advisory services for other business owners. SRB Capital emerged in 2017 as a professional tax consulting firm and really took off with the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) program that is complicated and very misunderstood by most other tax professionals. 80% of small businesses with less than 500 employees qualify for this enormous tax refund, while only 14% of businesses have correctly filed for their ERC refunds. After consulting with other national tax law experts, Hajjar hired computer engineers and systems integration specialists to write software programs from the ground up that precisely qualify his clients and calculate refunds based on As Much As Possible "AMAP" within the exact IRS guidelines. As a capstone to the best-in-class deliverables, SRB developed, Hajjar’s firm "Certifies" all 941X payroll tax returns so every client is in full compliance with the IRS and SBA for all ERC and PPP funds. Hajjar is one of the nation’s leading ERC experts with over 1,000 hours of study in the ERC program alone. He is passionate about helping small businesses and non-profits get a competitive edge in this challenging economy.

Mike Hajjar's experience

  • ERC (Employee Retention Credit) - Nationally recognized expert
  • High Net-Worth advisory services
  • Small business advisory services

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