Rod Lehman

Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

About me

Rod's decades of experience in software development and system integration prepared him for building a solution that can quickly and reliably process thousands of payroll entries to ensure we maximize ERC refunds while not double dipping from payroll covered by PPP funds. Accuracy is his passion! Ensuring that the software build does the job correctly and efficiently is what keeps him coming into the office every day. Rod believes that is his biggest accomplishment. Everyone had to dig into the IRS regulations quickly and deeply, but Hajjar and Rod were able to quickly determine what the software would need to do. Using modern frameworks and programming toolkits, Rod was able to pull together a working prototype in a matter of weeks, then spend the next many months building out the allocation logic, optimizing the processing and adding features. All of this had to happen while the IRS forms and regulations were constantly being updated. And now, we have a stable, accurate application that the company uses every day to help businesses that were hurt (directly or indirectly) by government mandates.

Rod Lehman’s experience

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Ohio State University
  • Consultant for IBM Global Services
  • Designed, Developed and Delivered software for the United States Air Force Project Manager
  • Software Developer for Nationwide Insurance
  • Integration Lead for Mettler Toledo
  • Product Owner of and

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