Salena Lehman

Qualification Specialist

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As SRB Capital's Qualification Specialist, Salena's role is to compare clients' circumstances with the IRS guidelines on ERC qualification. Her background is in a field requiring an intense amount of research and attention to detail, which she now gets to utilize in this role to clients' advantage and protection. Salena has researched and archived over 1,000 governmental orders across all 50 U.S. states (and sometimes cities), logging many hundreds of hours to dig into the governmental restrictions placed on businesses in response to COVID-19 that may qualify them to receive the ERC. Always fond of a good puzzle, in this role She is most passionate about analyzing complex client situations to ensure that they are soundly within the guidelines on eligibility and qualification while also receiving benefits for the complete period entitled to them. It excites Salena to be able to sharpen her expertise for this unique role within a highly specialized field.

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